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NHL Live Tracker: Flames vs. Oilers en Sportsnet

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Los Texans están cada vez más cerca de contratar a Josh McCown como su entrenador en jefe… en serio

The Houston Texans are absolutely remarkable. They’re a Lovecraftian cosmic horror that inspires curiosity at a glance, but stare at it too long and you’ll lose your mind. Everything this organization has done in recent years has been completely ass-backwards, and it’s on the verge of getting much, much worse. If you thought the Texans…

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Selecciones de la ronda divisional de la NFL 2022, probabilidades, predicción, mejores apuestas por modelo superior: este parlay de cuatro vías paga 12-1

After a super-sized wild card weekend, eight teams will head into the divisional round of the 2022 NFL playoffs with hopes of surviving and advancing the biggest NFL playoff bracket ever. The divisional round NFL schedule will feature Titans vs. Bengals and Packers vs. 49ers on Saturday, while Buccaneers vs. Rams and Chiefs vs. Bills…

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